Friday, November 11, 2016

Always Remember

My new painting is called Always Remember 
It is in an exhibition this weekend at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
6 Garmond Toronto Saturday - Sunday 12 noon to 5 pm 

Always Remember (C) 2016

For this Remembrance Day November 11th 2016 I dedicate these poppies to all the men and women who served and are serving 

Remembering all who died, all who served, all who stayed home and looked after things.

Remembering my grandfather in law wounded at the Battle of Somme WWI

Remembering my Uncle who flew Liberators in WWII receiving the Victoria Cross, another uncle who was a gunner for 5 years in the RAF

Remembering my father in law who drove trucks in Europe, saw the camps and would never speak of his experiences

Remembering my aunt who was a "Bomb Girl" in a munitions plant in Toronto

Remembering my mother in law at home with 4 children under 3 and a husband in Europe

Remembering my father who joined the Merchant Navy and travelled up and down the Eastern seaboard

Remembering my mother who was one of the group of women who were "feminists" before their time by serving in the Air Force doing "men's work" or as their motto said "We Serve so Men Can Fly" 

Today please remember these people and so many others like them who gave up so much for our freedoms

Always Remember

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