Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest we forget

Lest we forget. Not just today but everyday.

All of the freedoms we enjoy are because of the men and women, most of them still teenagers who served our country. I went to the service at the local Legion today as I try to do whenever possible and it was so wonderful to see such a large crowd. After the events of last month I think we are all more aware of our military. 

Remembering all who fought and lost their lives, remembering all who came home.

With gratitude, I remember my grandfather in law who fought and was wounded at the Somme in WW 1, my father in law who drove trucks in WW 2 through liberated Europe and who could never speak about what he saw. 

My parents, both still very active, served... my father in the Merchant Marines up and down the Atlantic Coast and my mother in the Womens Division of the Air Force, stationed on the west coast watching for enemy planes. I was fortunate to go to a reunion of these women a few years ago .... what a group, how young they were during the war  and how young at heart they were at the reunion, all of them well into their 80's. My mother's of her WD story is here 

Lest we forget is not just a saying but something we should hold to our hearts and honour every day. War on paper is one thing but the realities are very different. Our freedom is because of the sacrifices that were made.

To all our veterans from all the wars thank you!
Let our future be filled be peace.