Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time marches on

I have never understood how people can say they are bored or have nothing to do. Here it is the middle of May already and we are approaching the long weekend. Seems like not to long ago it was snowing .... oh wait Mother Nature had a bad day on Sunday and sent us all kinds of weather including snow, never mind.
Anyhow time for me just whizzes by. It has been an interesting few weeks. 

The show with the Lemonville Group of Artists was the first weekend.... big success and we had an opening evening that was packed. We had record crowds all weekend long so thanks to everyone who came out to see our work. 

Then on May 9th I was part of a team of three Stouffville Studio Tour Artists who created a collaborative painting in 30 minutes. I was nervous, not about painting in front of people but painting one work with 2 other artists. I think our painting turned out very well and I have a lot of fun!
In between painting we videoed our work ... Have a look..... Another time we might have a dedicated person taking the video.

The challenge was to create a painting representing York Region landscapes. We chose to depict a kettle lake in the bottom of the page with houses surrounding the lake and farmland behind. Collaged into the houses was an area map from the 19th century with all of the names of the farms from that era. 

Whitchurch-Stouffville Studio Tour  (C)

Thanks to the York Region Arts Council for inviting us to participate in this event and to the other artists, especially our team for a great evening.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Show Ready

So here it is just a few days until the Lemonville Annual Show and I am all ready.... go figure, no last minute paintings, framing or PANIC. I discovered a few years ago when I had way to much to do the week before the show [a wedding comes to mind] that if I get everything organized I can actually enjoy the event. Taken me all these years to figure this out, now no last minute paintings for me!

Here are a couple of paintings that will be in the show and the invitation... hope to see you over the weekend. 

Love (C)

Orange Splash (C)

Orange Crush II (C)

The Stance (C)