Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who turned off the heat

I love hot weather. 

Just came back from a week in Arizona .. hottest day 113F or 45 C. It was great and I will have some more thoughts when I get over the jet lag however WHO TURNED OFF THE HEAT in Stouffville. 

Yesterday bathing suit today I have fleece on and socks and I turned on the furnace when the house reached 59F. 

Can't we ease into this fall weather!

Cactus bloom at night and they are beautiful.
A morning picture.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday

Beautiful morning in Southern Ontario.
I have never been a fan of the return to structured life that happens this time of year.

I love summer and the wonderful hot lazy days. This summer has been exceptional for me, lots of heat and sunshine.

While I go back to structure kicking and screaming once it happens I am happy to get back to my routine.  Spent yesterday with my art group and will be seeing another group this weekend. the highlight of my week was Tuesday and Wednesday with the clients of the YorkDurham Aphasia Centre. It was Art for Communication days and they as always were amazing. 

Many of them brought their sketch books in to share. Part of my article for the YDAC newsletter

The Power of Art

Study after study has shown that brains can be retrained to adjust to the new realities after a brain injury. It is not just one thing that helps the brain but many different activities that might help. Of course each person is different and results are varied. Art for Communication is a monthly part of our program in Newmarket. Each month we go through a series of drawing exercises designed to stimulate the brain and exercise our muscles. The most important part is we have fun! By repetition we hope to create these new pathways. Drawing is also another tool to communicate. The more we draw the more comfortable we all feel drawing.  

Last month each client and volunteer in the Wednesday afternoon program received a sketch book from the dollar store to take home. They could draw anything; the only rule was that it must be in pen. The “homework” was due on the next art day. People were so pleased with what they had accomplished that they brought them before art during the month to show everyone. WOW. 
We were all amazed at everyone’s work. I doesn’t matter what is on the page but that they are working hard at retraining their brain by drawing and doodling. Now the Tuesday programs also have books and their “homework”. All of the books will be brought in to share on our next art day. 

I am so excited to see all these books. They are truly wonderful pieces of work, every single page.

More information about the art program can be found here 

Remember that most of these people they are using their non dominant hand, have never drawn before and would have never even considered trying any kind of art. They are very brave!

one person wrote a story with pictures

The courage that everyone that I have met with Aphasia can be summed up by this video of Gabby Gifford last night. 
Have a beautiful Day.