Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bob Hope

I volunteer as an Art for Communication facilitator at the York-Durham Aphasia Centre, part of March of Dimes Canada. More details about the program are herehere and here. It is a program that I helped to develop and we have what I consider spectacular results. 

People who are living with Aphasia [a communication disorder after a stroke or brain injury] have many challenges looking for new ways to communicate, after all speaking is only one way to get a message across.The Art Program helps give them another tool for communication. We stress the process not the product. 

Each year I choose a face for them to draw upside down as a brain exercise. Last year it was Lucille Ball, the year before Elvis; we have draw Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln in the past. 

This year I decided on Bob Hope. In this complex world we live in it is nice to remember this wonderful entertainer. 

Thanks for the memories....

Bob Hope for 2012.

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