Sunday, March 11, 2012

3.11.11 - remembering Japan

A sad day for Japan ....remembering all of the devastation of the earthquake, tsunami and all the aftermath that wreck havoc on their country. 

I have heard some people say that Japan didn't need our help after the disaster, nonsense. Japan is such a proud country and their "stiff upper lip" attitude with the strength and dignity that they showed the world could have been mistaken by some as not needing help and so not true. They of course are still trying to pick up the pieces after this horrible event and need help. 

My small effort raised over $600.00. Details of the help that the Red Cross continues to give to this area is here. There are still 3 paintings, Ensō
1, 8 and 9,  left that I will give away for a small donation. Check the  sidebar or here for how it works.
Resting Place
And let us all remember Japan today... their pain continues.

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