Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elvis is in the house

So as I mentioned before I volunteer at the York-Durham Aphasia Centre. I do a program called Art for Communcation with clients in Newmarket. It is designed to develop drawing skills to help with communication for people with aphasia....ie if you can't say the word apple but you could draw an apple and get your message across

It is a step by step process to tap into your artistic side and remember these people are not artists. I have them do warm up exercises for the brain and then they copy a picture that I have drawn of a person. We do the same person for a whole year. In the past it has been Mona Lisa, Winston Churchill, Abe Lincoln, and last year Marylin Munroe.

Well in honour of Elvis Presley [he would have been 75 last week] I decided that this year we would draw Elvis. Client's will draw him upside down while music is playing so that they can tap into that right brain.

This was yesterday's work for me .....Elvis is in the house!

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