Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well the death flu took a bigger toll on me than I thought but I am feeling myself again and it's February. Days are noticeably longer  ...  5.40 and it was still light out yesterday.  I haven't really painted much this last little while but have rather been playing with paints. I can feel excitement and creativity bubbling up .... the one idea leading to another so for right now I am just going with the flow. 

My latest new obsession is Zentangles [Google it for thousands of images]. I have always loved to doodle and have been preaching to the Aphasia clients how important doodling is to your brain. I was introduced to Zentangles on Thursday and cannot stop creating them I am working on my third one but here are the first two that I created. They are on 9x12 paper and are a great way to spend time. 

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