Friday, February 24, 2012


I know people agonize over brushes and have a large collection of them .... me to.

Several years ago I took a fascinating 2 day workshop on making brushes... mine looked good but fell apart when I got home. A master Chinese brush maker taught the classes and even though my brush was not very useful I gained a lot of knowledge and respect for people who make brushes by hand. Last fall I wanted to paint with feathers [one of the brushes at the workshop was made of feathers] ... just wanted to try it out. I fastened several white feathers that I had bought on to the failed brush handle and voila a useable facsimile of a brush. I created this painting with my feather brush and it is now in a new home.

The Wave

This is another painting created with my feather brush. 

And then my brush fell apart [I think the handle is jinxed]

Anyhow today I decided that I enjoyed painting with feathers so much that I would make some permanent feather brushes. And here they are..... painted with them today, had fun getting use to them.

Feathers, bulrush stick and masking tape makes a very useable and sturdy brush. Note the 3 different sizes! By the way they are no longer white feathers.

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