Friday, February 19, 2010

Today's work

So because I have a few other things going on in my life in the next few months I am trying to be super organized so that I can keep my sanity....some might argue that ship has sailed..... however I spent the day going through some paintings that I had put away. As it almost always happens I don't remember why I wasn't happy with them... some I really like. The Lemonville Group of Artist show is the first weekend in May....not that far away so now I have a few paintings....Yea.

 As an artist I am often asked to donate to various causes. I am happy to do this for things that I believe in, however since art is such a personal thing I am very selective where I donate paintings. The last thing I want is someone to feel obligated to buy my art or for one of my paintings to not have a good home. Since the goal is to raise money for these causes I also want to maximize the amount of money raised.
One of the other things I do is make jewellery....I haven't sold any but rather I give it away as gifts or donations for fundraising. This is my latest creation for the Jennifer Ashleigh  Children Charity event the second weekend in May. They always have a theme...this year it is summer.

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