Monday, November 9, 2009


One of the other things that I do is volunteer at the York-Durham Aphasia Centre based out of Stouffville Ontario. I have done so for 20 years, since it's beginnings. It is a community based program for adults living with Aphasia, a communication disorder that occurs after a stroke, brain injury or brain illness. Volunteers are trained by professional staff to work with clients and help them with their communication skills. I am a communication facilitator and have also done a few other things in my 20 years with them, but as an artist I developed and deliver an art program in one of the centre's locations. The paintings are truly amazing...they stress the process not the product...after all this is about communication and the main goal is to develop new ways to communicate. Together with the public Latcham Gallery in Stouffville in 2001 we had an exhibition of client's work that has since been in several other locations. It will be displayed for the final time in the lobby of 19 on the Park, Stouffville. It is an inspiring collection of paintings so if you are in downtown Stouffville go check it out Wednesday to Saturday 1-6. This is one of the paintings that is in the show called The World is Listening...stop by and see it.

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