Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Very Strange

Anyone who has seen my work would quickly realize that I paint fish, lots of fish. I see fish in abstract work, I have painted many fish in Sumi-e and watercolour, some might say I have a fish fetish.

I love the way fish move and currently we have 2 Betta and 2 Goldfish. The Betta are very easy fish to keep; they just need food and their own domain. Our Goldfish are new and that is a whole other story.... they were also very ill with ick and I "nursed" them back to health. One of these fish [a$3.99 value] is very strange; he lies on his back in the corner of the tank....yes on his back! Several times we have debated whether or not to flush him because he looks dead! He stays in the corner for awhile then off he swims. This has been going on for about 5 weeks [after the ick recovery]. We have gotten use to his tank is to say the least bizarre. Last night we really thought he would be dead by morning.... a new trick lying on his side not moving in the middle of the tank.

I really felt I would be having a fish funeral this morning but no he is fine again, I think I will name him Lazarus and maybe he should be painted.

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